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Fix Now “You Need Permission to Perform This Action” Error [Easy Methods]



You Need Permission to Perform This Action Most of the time while using the windows, you encounter some annoying errors when you are doing some simple works. Like, while deleting any folder! When I trying to delete a folder on my windows 7, then I face an error message which is You Need Permission to Perform This Action, and if you want to fix it, simply follow this post.

You Need Permission to Perform This Action – How to Fix It?

You Need Permission to Perform This Action

You Need Permission to Perform This Action

In this case, the computer administration requires to have permission to delete any of the folder which was created by the administrator itself. Basically the first thing which comes in my mind is the permission issue, but getting knowing about how windows works, I will never trust the error message again. When facing the error “You don’t have permission” error, and it’s basically a permission issue or it is due to the file or the folder which is locked by the process.

How to Fix You Need Permission to Perform This Action?

Here in this article, we are going to share some of the easy and different methods which you can try to fix this error. We start with the easy method so that you didn’t face issues.

Method 1: Restart in Safe Mode

It is one of the easiest method which you must need to try. First, you need to restart windows in safe mode and then simply try to delete the folder which was available there. Also, you can read my previous post which is complete related to how to restart windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 in safe mode. Also, windows 8 boots in a complete different manner as compare to its previous versions of windows. So, you are required to go through to my previous article which is related to how to boot windows 8 into safe mode.

If you are still not able to delete any of the folder which is available in the safe mode, that it means that some of the process is holding on the folder and also that process prevent the windows from deleting it.

Also, if you are still not able to delete that folder or not able to get the permission, then simply read the below given article carefully.

Method 2 – Change Permissions

Generally, this error is completely related to the permission issue, so get that out of the way before making any try for the other options. So, go ahead and then simply make a right click on that folder and then simply select the option of properties.

Now, you are required to make a click on the security tab and then make a click on the advanced option button.

Now, simply make a click on the change permissions button which is available at the bottom left corner.

Now, if will definitely looks complicated to you and due to this, you have to do this section right, if you make a wrong then you will think that you set the permission right even they are wrong.

Firstly, you need to go ahead and make a check to the replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object box. After this, simply go ahead and uncheck \include inheritable permissions from this object parent box. When you make uncheck to the box, then you will get a warning box where you are required to choose from the Add or Remove. So, simply go forward and make a click on Add button.

Now a normal folder which you can delete will look something like the above SYSTEM and the Administrators and the user is having the full control along with the Type set to Allow. At this point, you are required to see what is the different and also get your permissions to seem like this by simply using the Add, Edit and also the Remove buttons.

If you will see any type of permission with the Deny in the Type, then simply go ahead and the remove them. In the next step, you need to make sure to add your username and the Administrators group and then give a full control to them. Just simply make a click on the Add and type in the username for your Windows account and then you are required to make a click on the “Check Names” option. As while writing this article, my windows username was Jack, so in this case, I types that in and make a click on the button and then it will automatically change it to the WINDOWSMAC\JACK.

You need to do the same this for the administrators and then simply type the word and then make a click on the change names. If the SYSTEM is not present, then simply go ahead and then add also to be in the safe side. When you complete this and you see that the permission looks correct then simply go ahead and make a click on the OK button. May be it will take time if the folder is large and also if the folder is having some sub folders. When it gets complete, then simply go ahead and make a try to delete the folder.

Method 3 – Try Unlocker

Unlocker is one of the free program which do a great work by simply telling you that which program or process are currently holding the locks on the folder. Make sure that at the time of installing, you need to make sure that you don’t install any of the special offer provided by the software. The program is not the malware or any spyware, but it may ask you to install some of the other programs, so you are required to have a look and click on the skip button many times.

When it gets installed, then it will add an option to the context menu of right click. Now, you need to go to the folder in the explorer and then make a right click and then select and choose the unlocker.

Now, a pop up window will appear which says that there are currently no locks or you will get a list of the process or the programs which is having the locks on the folder.

There may be many of the process available and so you are required to have a multiple of options at the bottom of the page. Also, you can easily kill the process or unlock or unlock all.

Unlock will allow you to select any of the particular item and simply unlock it. If you wish to release all of the locks on the folder, then simply click on the Unlock all button. It is a very useful tool and generally it will solve all your problem. If any of the above given method is not useful for you, then below is your last choice.

Method 4 – MoveOnBoot

If none of the above given step has worked then you have a try to do some other things. One is to make a try and delete the file before the windows boots up completely. In process to do this, you are required to use a program which is known as MoveOnBoot. It is completely free and also it work in different manner as compare to the program like unlocker.

Basically, you need to install it and then tell it about which files or folders you want to delete and which is not able to delete and then simply make a restart to your computer.

Method 5 – Use a Boot Disk

Basically this program is available in windows and also sometimes it doesn’t work. In this process, the only method to delete a folder which is not having permission or which is locked or not is to use a boot disk. It is really complicated but with the help of this method, you are able to delete anything which you want to delete.

Generally, a boot disk is a bootable CD/DVD which loads in the interface of the OS or DOS. It helps you to run the commands such as deleting partitions, deleting files, repairing master boot records and also helps you to do more functions. Most of the boot disks are harmful for what we want to do, but I will get a job done if nothing else if useful or nothing is working.

If you are facing any trouble with any of the above given method, then simply tell us and feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below. We will try to help you and solve your queries.  As I already said that the method 5 is little bit complicated, so if you have any questions related to that method then you can ask freely. So, enjoy this article.

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