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WalgreensListens Survey – – Win $3,000



As you all know that the Walgreens is one of the pharmaceutical product which provides a chance to their customers who buy the product from them to take part in their WalgreensListens Survey. After the completion of the survey where the customers are required to give an answer to some of the questions which are related to their last visit at Walgreens, they will get a chance to enter into the sweepstakes program to win $3,000. Also, the main motive of the WalgreensListens Survey is to improvise their store.

Also, the Walgreens is really one of the highly rated stores in the United States because of its incomparable customer service and also they have an option to make some improvement as well.

WalgreensListens Survey At

WalgreensListens Survey At

WalgreensListens Survey At

As it is already said that in this whole world, nothing is perfect and everyone needs to improvise their-self time to time and Walgreens completely follow this statement. If we talk about the WalgreensListens Survey from the customer’s opinion and also the suggestions were given by the customers will definitely make changes in the Walgreens. So, now you need to take part in the WalgreensListens Survey. As you know that appreciation is one of the best parts for everyone and your feedback will really be appreciated by the Walgreens.

What is Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey?

As you know that the small survey is not only a survey because if you take part in the survey it will make things great and also t will also give you a chance to win $3,000 when you attempt the Walgreens survey. When you complete the customer survey then you will get a chance to take part in the monthly sweepstakes which help you to earn $3,000.  To win $3,000, you are required to simply give answers to some of the very easy and simple questions. Also, it will show your awareness of the services as well.

As you already understand that the Walgreens do everything to provide a better experience to their customers. So, in this term, they offer to their customers to win $3,000 who complete the survey and show their commitment towards the Walgreens. Also, you need to know that your feedback matters a lot for the Walgreens as they take your opinion seriously in terms to make things better and suitable for you. This is your time to show your opinion with the help of WalgreensListens survey. Also to get to know more about the Walgreens customer satisfaction survey, you need to read this article.

How to attempt a cash Prize of $3,000 in Walgreens Survey –

WalgreensListens Survey

WalgreensListens Survey


  • First of all, you need to make sure that you have a legal resident of the United States so that you can simply take part in the com customer survey.
  • Also, keep in mind that the contestant or survey participant must need to be 18 years old or more than that.
  • You need to have a valid and legal Walgreens receipt to take part in the WalgreensListens survey.

Survey Restrictions:

  • The first thing which you need to keep in mind that if you belong to Puerto Rico then you are not able to take part in the WalgreensListens survey.
  • Also, if you belong from the family of an employee of Walgreens listens winner or if you are an employee of the Walgreens then you are restricted to take part in the Walgreens survey.
  • One more thing which you need to know that false feedback doesn’t be treated at the survey feedback and in that case, you are not liable to claim rewards.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  • The first thing which you need to do is simply make a visit to the official website of WalgreensListens survey which is available at
  • When you search for the website, a homepage of the Walgreens survey will open where they welcome you in the survey.
  • Now, you need to take out your Walgreens survey receipt.
  • Then, you need to enter some of the required information which was asked in the survey like you need to enter your Survey code, your password and also you need to enter your date and time of your visit at Walgreens.
  • After doing all this, simply make a click on the “start” button.
  • When the survey will begin, you need to answer some of the questions which were asked in the survey.
  • Also, for the purpose of a lucky draw, you are required to enter some of the personal information as well like your address, your contact details and also your phone number as well.
  • Also, you must need to know about the walgreens listens rules.

About Walgreens

As you know very well that the Walgreens is one of the biggest and largest drug store chains which is located in the United States and also it is having more than 8,000 stores in the United States. Walgreens deals in the product related to the pharmacy and also the photo studio and some of the other health and wellness services as well. It was introduced in the year 1901 and the founder of the Walgreen was Charles Walgreen who lives in the Chicago Southside. Walgreens rapidly grew because of the alcohol prohibition period in the year 1920 and then it will become one of the most popular retail chains in the current time. In the year 1901, it was started as a single store and present time it is one of the biggest drugstore chains which is located in the United States. It is the biggest success of the walgreens. Don’t think that walgreens achieve this success overnight. To achieve this success, walgreens listens need to do hard work along with full dedication and devotion which help walgreens to achieve more. When they open their first store, then after the 11 years they operated 4 other stores which are located in the South Chicago area.

In the year 1915 Walgreen opens its 5th store and also it open more than 4 stores which it adds in China in the year 1916. Later in the year 1919, the drugstore is having more than 20 stores. During the period 1920 to 1930, when the store takes a hike. At that time, alcohol become illegal in the Country. This is the main reason which helps the Walgreen to achieve success. Also, the Walgreens has started the malted milkshake in the year 1922 and then it established the ice cream manufacturing plans. In the starting, the walgreens is the only one which operated the residential areas and then in the year 1923, it decides to make an experiment to its stores which is away from the residential areas. In the mid time of the 1920s, the sales of the Walgreens were increased which is up to $1,2000,000 along with a store count which is more than 40. Also, at that time, the Walgreens expanded into the Missouri, Minnesota and also Wisconsin.

The Expansion in the 21st Century

After facing some silly and small issues, the Walgreens in the 21st Century came back along with a bang and then it gets started to expand more and more. Then in the 21st Century, the Walgreens took more and more stores. Also, it expands its store to 8,100 in the whole United States. Also, the store chain gets expanded and they open their stores in Puerto Rick and Guam by simply opening their stores. In the year 2009, the Walgreens is having their store in more than 50 States of United States which also include Columbia as well.



Above we have shared all the steps which help you to get to know the complete details related to the WalgreensListens Survey which you can simply do on So, if you want to attempt the survey then this article is completely helpful for you and also if you like this article then simply share this with others as well and simply tell us by dropping a comment in the comment section below.

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