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Stop People Adding You in WhatsApp Groups – Easiest Method



How to block group add in WhatsApp or stop People Adding You in WhatsApp Groups: If you are facing issue while you are added into a WhatsApp group by someone without any information then what’s your reaction at that time? Also, when you exit from that group but that person again adds you in that group. Are you looking for a solution to get rid of this problem?

After a long time of releasing the WhatsApp, it gets upgraded and comes up with some new and attractive feature which help you to resolve the problem of adding you in the group chat without taking your permission.

How to Block Group Add in WhatsApp?

In the previous time, anyone can add you in the WhatsApp group until you block the admin from your end but now you will get this power by the WhatsApp group.

Basically, the countries like India and Brazil, the WhatsApp is generally used to spread the useless or wrong information in an effective manner and in January 2019, WhatsApp also adds some limits in its forwarding message feature which is available in the privacy setting page of the WhatsApp.

How to Block Group Add in WhatsApp – New Privacy Setting

WhatsApp group privacy settings

WhatsApp group privacy settings

As per the WhatsApp, the users are looking for the new method by which they are able to control their WhatsApp experience and in this case, WhatsApp listened to them as well. So, from now, you are able to simply select any of the three option related to the privacy setting of the groups.

These are the three options which you get “None”, “My Contacts” and “Everyone”. If you want to use this feature then you are required to update your WhatsApp by its latest version and then simply go to the setting. In the setting, you are required to make a click on Account > Privacy > Groups and then simply select any of the three which you like.

The “Everyone” option makes your privacy public and everyone is able to see. “Nobody” represents that you have to accept the invitation of any of the group you invited and “My Contacts” shows a limit to the users which is present in the address book of your phone.

These controls of privacy are not particularly granular. Like, WhatsApp allows you to select special contacts. Also, it shows an improvement on the former system when it is available for all.

WhatsApp Curbs the Spread of Misinformation

WhatsApp Curbs the Spread of Misinformation

WhatsApp Curbs the Spread of Misinformation

WhatsApp is limiting the number of times when you are sending the messages to more people. The messages will only be sent to the only 20 people or the 20 groups but if you are forwarding a message then you are able to forward it only to the 5 people maximum. Also, it spread fake news and a piece of completely wrong information.

Also, when the WhatsApp comes up with an idea to be the best medium for the people in terms of communication between people to people but then it is used for the misuse purpose like to spread rumors. In some of the groups, it creates violence, issues, and the people get targeted because some people believed about what was being said about them. WhatsApp is not happy about this and then it starts working to fix this.

Then, it gets limit to the five recipients was allowed in India when an update was launched in July 2018 in India. Now, this update is available in all over the world. WhatsApp will update the app for the android users in the upcoming days.

An update of this border was introduced on the forwarding messages in an event in Jakarta, Indonesia. Victoria Grand who is the Vice President of Privacy Policy and Communication on WhatsApp said that “We are coming up with a limitation of the five messages in the whole world from now” and they implement this thing.

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In this digital era, when you will get some good things by the technology and start using it in a better way and then verify the new which comes to you before you forward it or anyone else comes in the problem.

Also, when you are given an option to allow people including your friends to the WhatsApp group where you are an admin as well then you are required to ensure that he or she must need to be interested in that group or you are not misusing his or her mobile number by adding him or her in the WhatsApp group.

If you like this article related to the process of How to block group add in WhatsApp and also if this article becomes helpful for you then simply tell us by dropping a comment in the comment section below and also share this article with others as well so that they also understand the complete information.

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