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SCRIV NETWORK (SCRIV) Price Hits $0.0029 on Top Exchanges



SCRIV NETWORK (CURRENCY: SCRIV) traded nearly or up to 11.5% which is against the US Dollar within one day at 21:00 PM Eastern on the 29th May. One SCRIV NETWORK coin now values nearly $0.0029 or we can say that 0.00000033 BTC (Bitcoin) which is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges which also include the STEX.

SCRIV NETWORK (SCRIV) Price Hits $0.0029 on Top Exchanges



Crex24 and Graviex. In the last week, the SCRIV NETWORK has been traded up to 33.9$ which is against the US Dollar. The SCRIV NETWORK is having its market cap which is of $70,970.00 and $11,194.00 which is the worth of the SCRIV NETWORK and also it was traded on the exchanges in the past day.


SCRIV NETWORK (SCRIV) is a PoW + Masternoded coin which was used the TRIBUS hashing algorithm. Also, it was introduced on the 10th of March 2018. The total supply of SCRIV NETWORK is 42,007,007 coins and also it is circulating the coins which are 24,744,362. The Reddit community of the SCRIV NETWORK is /r/SCRIV and also you can view the currency’s Github account here. Also, on the other side, if you want to make a visit at the official board of SCRIV NETWORK then simply make a visit at Also, of you want to make a visit to the official website of SCRIV NETWORK then simply make a visit at If you want to make a visit at the official Twitter account of SCRIV NETWORK’s then simply search for the @scriv_network and also you can search for its Facebook page as well.

Buying and Selling SCRIV NETWORK

You can simply purchase eth SCRIV NETWORK on these cryptocurrency exchange rates which is Crex24, STEX and Graviex as well. It is generally not possible for you to buy the alternative of the cryptocurrencies which is like SCRIV NETWORK directly by simply using the US dollars. The Investors are looking for the trade of the SCRIV NETWORK where firstly they purchase the Bitcoin or Ethereum by simply using the exchange where it will deal in the US dollar like GDAX, Gemini or the Coinbase. After doing this process, the investors will use the newly purchased Bitcoin or the Ethereum which help them to buy SCRIV NETWORK by simply using one of the exchanges which we already told you in the above-given list.

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