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RightMessage Review 2019: Grow Your Website with Personalization on RightMessage



If you are a blogger and blogging for a while then you will definitely have an email marketing campaign set up for your website or for your blog where RightMessage can help you like a charm, and today we are here to provide you RightMessage Review 2019, read it and make your website smarter.

Increasing an email list is one of the most effective methods to increase the traffic of your website and also by this, you are able to convert your readers into the customers.

Due to this, it is really important that the email campaign is related to subscribers. You don’t need to create a huge list of email with low open or click rates.

Basically, not all the subscribers signed up into your list due to the same reason. Some of them make a signed up because they want to get a free e-book you promised without having any interest in an email reading. Others will sign up just because they are expecting to get useful information. And rest of them signed up just because they are really curious about it.

RightMessage Review 2019

RigthMessage is one of the useful tools which helps you to get to know that why a person makes a visit on your site and also it provides you a power to provide the content which is related to them based upon their answers.

It is really simple to solve a problem that most of the e-mail marketing tools can’t.

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What is RightMessage?

RightMessage Review - What is RightMessage

Image Courtesy – Official Site of RightMessage

RightMessage is one of the branded websites which deals in the software. It installs a code into the site which helps to get the answer of the questions which seems like a survey that was set up by you. When a visitor gives an answer to one or more question then they will immediately add into a field or tag you in their software of email marketing.

It is one of the best methods to segment your users. If you are using the modern email-marketing services such as Convertkit, Aweber, Hubspot, ClickFunnels or and other then the RigthMessage is one the best which you must need to use.

How to Setup RightMessage?

RigthMessage works with any of the content management systems which also includes eth WordPress, Shopify, Leadpages, and Squarespace.

When you make a sign up then you need to go through with lots of steps.

  • First of all, you need to select a business type. You need to select which type of business you are promoting on your website. It can be changed after the phase of welcome.
  • Select the question for the visitors of your website.
  • You can simply select from the list of the suggested questions and also you are able to create your own question as well.

You are providing a widget preview which will show on your website. You need to simply make a click on the heading to edit and then click on the add button which was available at the bottom to add some of the more choices.

Here, you can also change the widgets appearances by simply making a click on the gear icon which you can simply find at the top-right corner.

Also, if you want to change the appearances then you can simply change the position of the widgets and the trigger, enabling or disabling for the mobile and much more.

  • It was integrated with the other email service provider as well.

Now, you are required to connect the RightMessage with an email service provider.

If you are not able to see your email provider here then you can simply use the RightMessage data so that you can simply learn about your website visitors and also you are able to create a strategy according to that.

  • Now, you need to install the script on your website.

You will get a complete script along with some of the instructions which are related to the process of how to add it on your website.

  • Simply publish the RightMessage to your website.

When you verify that your script is successfully installed in your website then you can simply publish your first RightMessage widget into your website.

The dashboard will help you to get the steps which you need to follow to complete the process. You will see a publish button which is available at the top right corner and also you will see some of the questions which you have set up.

You are required to make a click on the option of “Publish”.

How Your Website Visitors Will See RightMessage?

It completely depends upon you that how you set up and also how to select. Also, the RightMessage widget must need to be available at the bottom of your website when it pops up.

How RigthMessage Works with Email?

It is one of the most interesting features introduced by the RightMessage where it connects your data with the list of your email.

Syncing Gathered Data with Email Provider

When any of the subscriber or visitor opts in your answer list for any of the questions in the widget pop-up of your site then you can simply set you for the RightMessage which help you to collect the information from the subscriber account with the help of a special field.

Also, you can use this field to add that subscriber on the basis of his answer.

Auto Segmentation

If you want to sync the subscriber data into your email software then the RightMessage help you to make a proper control who is able to see your site widget. These conditions are simply applied to the widget question.

The anonymous or the unsubscribed visitors are able to see the personalization widget on your website.

Also, you are able to set the condition to a referring domain or a URL or also if the website visitor came from any other page of your website.

RightMessage Pricing & Plans

RightMessage is having a monthly subscription and also an annual subscription as well which completely depends upon the number of subscribers.

If you want to start with the 10,000 subscribers then you need to take the Survey plan which cost $19/month and the Enrich Plan costs $29/month and also the Personalize Plan costs $79/Month.

Do You Need RightMessage?

Now as you understand properly that how it works as it may be that you are asking yourself that if you need to this for your website.

Below are some of the reasons which help you to understand why you need RightMessage:


  • You are in the early stages when you are going to launch a product but you want to make proper customer research.
  • You are having more than one product/service and you want to sell it to the different groups of customers.
  • You want to promote your email marketing at a high level.
  • You give proper value to the website visitors who make a visit on your website.
  • You need to have a segment for the list of your existing email.
  • You are required to improve your sales.

There are also some of the other reasons as well that why someone shows their interest to use the RightMessage but these are the most common.

RightMessage Review 2019: Conclusion

RightMessage is one of the most useful tools which will help you to make the proper email strategy and to make it more personal. In the promotion email world, everyone is saying similar things to others that this software is really good.

We know that this tool is not a must-have tool but overall this is one of the nice tools and I suggest that it is nice to have this tool.

If you want to continue the perfect relation with your email subscribers then the RightMessage will help you to do this.

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