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Renewal Process of NADRA cards (NICOP/CNIC) and MRP



The National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is valid for seven years for the individual irrespective of their age. It is necessary to renew and update the card before the validity ends. Similarly, the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) is valid for 5-10 years, whereas the validity is ‘for life’ for senior citizens ( above the age of 65 years).

Renewal Process of NADRA Cards (NICOP/CNIC) and MRP

Renewal Process of NADRA Cards (NICOP/CNIC) and MRP

Renewal Process of NADRA Cards (NICOP/CNIC) and MRP

Hence, renewal for both is required.

Documents Required 

Following is a list of documents needed for the renewal of NICOP and CNIC –

  1. The original NICOP/CNIC is needed.
  2. A foreign or Pakistani passport with authenticity and validity is also required.
  3. Important documents such as the marriage certificate/ nikkah name are required for married applicants whereas, divorce/death certificate of the spouse is needed to change the marital status of the applicant to divorced/widowed.
  4. The NICO/CNIC number of father/mother or any other blood relative is required for a reference to the family link.
  5. All original, as well as photocopies of the supporting documents, are required such as birth certificate, photographs, fingerprints, etc.

Renewal of MRP 

The information on MRP renewal is stored and maintained in the database system of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). therefore, it is necessary for the applicant to carry any one of the following documents for the application process to continue further – 

  1. Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  2. National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)
  3. Smart National Identity Card (SNIC)
  4. Computerized Child Registration Certificate (CRC) for under 18 years of applicants.

The CRC is another form of NADRA ID Cards issued for children. NADRA issues CRC for children so as to ensure the health and educational provisions for them. A documented proof of the child’s birth from the council office is required for issuing a CDC. Parents who are applying for a child’s new CNIC/NICOP/MRP needs to provide with their own CNIC. 

In case a person does not have the above-mentioned documents, they are advised to first register and issue them and only then they can be permitted for renewal of MRP.

Other than these common documents, some requirements vary as per the age and nationality of the applicant. 

Requirements for People with Dual Nationality 

Citizens who have dual nationality are supposed to bring their foreign passport with all other supporting documents.

Requirements for children (applicants of age less than 18 years)

  1.  Applicants must be accompanied by their parents
  2.  Personal appearance of the applicant
  3.  The original documents of both parents – NICOP/CNIC and passports along with photocopies.
  4.  Detailed and correct birth certificate of the applicant bearing the names of both parents.
  5.  The availability of either CRC or NICOP of the applicant is very important.

Requirements for Adult Applicants  

  1. Personal appearance of the individual
  2. Previous valid Pakistani passport, both original and photocopy
  3. Original and photocopy of either NICOP or CNIC or SNIC.

Time is Taken for the Completion of the Procedure

Once all the documents are submitted and everything is correct, the application will be processed and the renewed passport will be delivered to the address stated within 10 days for a normal renewal. If the renewal is urgent, it is delivered within 4 days time period. 

Fees for Renewal 

As of 2020, the fee has been updated for passport renewal in Pakistan. The amount for a regular timed passport ranges from 9,900 – 10,800 rs. And for an urgent passport, it is 9,000- 16,200 rs. 

A renewed MRP valid for 5 years with a delivery time of 20 days costs 5,925.13 rs. Whereas, renewed MRP with a 10-year validity costs 10,368.98 rs.

For an urgent renewed passport of 5-year validity with 10 days delivery time, the cost is 9,628.34 rs. For 10 year validity, the cost is 17,034.76 rs.

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