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Overwatch Tier List January, 2020 Updated – Season 20



This article will help you to get to know the 2 January 2020 (Season 20) updated Overwatch Tier List. The list of overwatch hero levels for 20th season (2 January 2020) comes in a break with a complete list of characters which comes in the most competitive categories and also we share a complete guide for each and everything.

We work hard to showcase the meta but we don’t accept our final list. Also, if some of the heroes don’t come on top or out list it doesn’t mean that they are not powerful. They are powerful at the right time.

We present our tier list ranks, heroes, as the current balance and also how they can fit into our current meta. Also, you can simply use this tier list as the team picker.

You need to make sure that the hero might be in the tiers 4 or 5 only if you used it correctly then that hero will perform well compared to the heroes in tier 1-2. So, if some of the heroes are not appearing in the top of the list then they are also capable of being strong at the right time.

Overwatch Tier List Overview


Overwatch Tier List

S-Tier: These heroes are having a high win rate in terms of professional level and also they are the best selection in terms of different maps and also the multiple types of game.

A-Tier: These heroes are having a high pick rate which are really a good alternative option to the Tier 1 heroes.

B-Tier: These heroes are considered as the less strong and also the conditional picks which are completely based upon the types of games.

C-Tier: These heroes are having a very less win rate but also they are really good if you only use them correctly.

D-Tier: These heroes are having a less pick rate in terms of professional level or also having a less success rate and they are considered weak in terms of the balance.

It is good to say that some of the heroes turn out to be more useful as compared to others in terms of promoting a huge variety of commanding personnel. In a result, we love to provide you with a regular update of the list of how the characters play against each other and also do this in the form of the list which you are reading currently.

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How Exactly Do We Make A-List?

To simply start, we take a tour to our experience and then take it in the account of the current meta and also before taking into the account, we generally accept the wisdom of the crowd along with the help of the alternative ratings of the heroes.

Also, we improve the rating to play with some of the other players apart from the teams which prefer tightly coordinated with the competitive teams.

Overwatch Tier List


Overwatch Tier List

Below I am sharing a list to show you how important heroes are in their specific tier.

Overwatch Tier List with Hero Names

The Overwatch tier list below shows the complete list of heroes in each specific tier in text format:


  • Orisa (Tank)
  • Moira (Support)
  • Sigma (Tank)
  • Hanzo (Offense)
  • Mei (Offense)
  • Zenyatta (Support)
  • Reaper (Offense)


  • Ana (Support)
  • Widowmaker (Offense)
  • McCree (Offense)
  • Genji (Offense)
  • Pharah (Offense)
  • Reinhardt (Tank)
  • Zarya (Tank)
  • Mercy (Support)


  • VA (Tank)
  • Roadhog (Tank)
  • Wrecking Ball (Tank)
  • Tracer (Offense)
  • Junkrat (Offense)
  • Torbjorn (Offense)


  • Ashe (Offense)
  • Lucio (Support)
  • Soldier: 76O (Offense)
  • Baptiste (Support)
  • Brigitte (Support)


  • Bastion (Offense)
  • Symmetra (Offense)
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