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OnePlus TV Could Use Alexa as Main Voice Assistant – News



OnePlus has added the new amazon Alexa skill for their upcoming big project other than smartphones “OnePlus TV”. It could use the one of the best Amazon Alexa as their official voice assistant for controlling all the One Plus TV Functions.


  • OnePlus has released the new Alexa skill called OnePlus TV.
  • OnePlus TV could be controlled by the Amazon Alexa which is similar to Google Assistant.
  • OnePlus also support for the Amazon Prime Video.

OnePlus TV with Alexa Voice Assistant

OnePlus TV with Alexa Voice Assistant

OnePlus TV with Alexa Voice Assistant

It is almost one month now since the officials of OnePlus shared the first teaser of OnePlus TV. It can be launch in September, the OnePlus TV will get an India exclusive launch way before any other place in the world.

It considers all the OnePlus had to reveal about the TV, it could be gamechanger in the smart TV space. With a 4K QLED screen, a supposedly reworked version of the Android TV, and the premium design.

Earlier in the day, OnePlus released a new skill for the Amazon Alexa, as spotted by Smartprix, the new skill is called OnePlus TV. The Skill doesn’t do anything right now and opening it will take users to the OnePlus account login page.

However, it does reveal the fact that the OnePlus TV will use Amazon Alexa as their official voice assistant. This wasn’t much of the surprise, given the relationship amazon and OnePlus share.

The OnePlus TV will be an Amazon exclusive in India and it was hinted that OnePlus will offer some new software features for Amazon’s ecosystem. Hence, it seems that if you have an Amazon Alexa smart speaker or even if you use Alexa on your smartphone, you will be able to control the OnePlus TV with your voice.

We don’t know what functions will Alexa offer for their OnePlus TV but we assume it won’t be different than what Google Assistant has to offer.

OnePlus TV Specs:

The support for Amazon’s apps and services adds up to the impressive specification list for the OnePlus TV. We already know that the OnePlus TV will feature with a 55-inch display with the 4K QLED screen. The OnePlus TV will rely on Google’s Android TV OS with the OnePlus Launcher with the heavy focus on content. The TV will use a MediaTek MT5670 SoC with the Mali-G51 GPU, 3GB RAM, and a Gamma Color Magic processor.

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