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How to Get New Birth Certificate Online with Step by Step Process?



Do you need a new birth certificate? Or Is your birth certificate incorrect? If yes then it would make you do several visits at Municipal Corporation. It is really challenging to get a new certificate easily. But don’t worry, here are some steps that you can follow to get a new birth certificate online. It is a simple process just follow the same and get your certificate.

How to Get New Birth Certificate Online with Step by Step Process?

New Birth Certificate

New Birth Certificate

Step 1. You need to have documents that are necessary to obtain your birth certificate online

Documents Required for New Birth Certificate

  • School Leaving Certificate or 10th Class Marksheet.
  • The photograph to be attached in the Application Form.
  • One Address Proof/ Water Bill Proof/ Electricity Proof etc.
  • You would need an Affidavit of your mother/ father/uncle/aunt, elder brother or sister, a document stating your actual birthplace, time, year and date.
  • ID Proof would be needed i.e PAN Card, Ration Card, Driving Licence, Aadhar Card or Voter ID Card.

Do take all these documents along with you whenever you are going to the Municipal Corporation located nearby your location.

Step 2. Fill proper details in your Application Form

 Here are the things/details that you should fill in your application form-

  • Complete the name of the applicant.
  • Complete name of the parents including the first and last name
  • Your exact date of birth
  • The current address of your parents.
  • Your exact place of birth.

 Step 3.  Provision of Fees

If you withdraw this birth id proof within 21 days of your birth date then you don’t have to pay any fees. But after that, it would be chargeable and you have to pay for it. The amount you have to pay depends upon the state government and it varies from state to state.

 The Delhi Municipal Corporation charges INR 20 per new birth certificate and charges INR 7 for searching for old records.

Can you reissue your birth certificate?

Yes, you can definitely reissue your birth proof, it would be a normal procedure of withdrawing the original birth certificate in India. Do fill the birth certificate form online if you want to get it reissued and pay online too.

Steps to get your birth certificate if your birth is unregistered?

  1. Do register yourself with the State’s website
  2. Create your login Id and Password
  3. Select the option of Non-Availability of birth certificate
  4. Fill out the form and save it or take its print out.
  5. Take that form along with you to the registrar’s office and then he would cross-verify your application.
  6. The registrar would confirm and run a proper verification process.
  7. If he would verify and confirm it, later on, you can visit the court.
  8. You can get your re-issuing done.
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