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Kia Mulling – An Ertiga Rival Based on the Kia Seltos Platform



Kia motors have finally confirmed for its Autocar in India with the Kia Seltos and Kia Mulling as the Kia motors are considering for the MPV for the Indian market. The CEO and President of Kia Motors “Han Woo Park” said that “I’m thinking about how to build our brand image in Indian and also about our next model and one of the options is an MPV”.

It is having an MPV which was created on the same platform where the Kia Senators and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and also the Mahindra Marazzo will rival. Also, the Seltos platform will also underpin the upcoming generation of the Hyundai Creta which is going to be launch in this year. Hyundai is having a 7 seat version of Creta, Kia feels where the MPV will serve them in a better way.

Kia Mulling – An Ertiga Rival Based on the Kia Seltos Platform

Kia Mulling - An Ertiga Rival Based on the Kia Seltos platform

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As per the sources, the Kia motors believes that 7 seater SUV will not be as much different as per the 5 seater version and it will only get the incremental sales which were not offsetting the costs of its development.

As an MPV, on the other side, apart from the addressing a different segment of the customer, here you will also see some of the extra potentials in the Indonesian market where it is really popular. Also, the domestic MPV Market, it is also having some of the interest by having the new models and also the healthy sales figures. The Toyota Innova is still continued for its solid performance as showing by the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. The newly introduced Mahindra is also getting the success with the Marazzo where the Renault is still going to take entry in the market along with the Tribe.

If it gets launches then the new MPV will go to sit below with the Kia Carens in the lineup of the carmakers.

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