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Harley-Davidson Comes In-Front with Zhejiang Qianjiang to Build 338CC Bikes for China & India



Recently the Harley Davidson announced their tie-up with the Chinese Company “Zhejiang Qianjiang” to start making some of the displacements motorcycles for the Chinese market. The new bikes come up with the 338cc engine which is one of the smallest engines and the best part is that this engine is produced by the Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson Comes to In-Front with Zhejiang Qianjiang to Build 338CC Bikes for China & India

Harley-Davidson says that the company picked Qianjiang because it is experienced the developing premium small displacement motorcycles and also their supply base and also their knowledge of the emerging of the market. Both of the companies will work together in terms of equipment and also in the process of the supply chain.
Harley Davidson is one of the most famous brands and it is struggling to sustain for its growth in the United States of America and also it has seen a drop in the sales and also in the revenues for more than past 3 years. When the Indian market is not familiar with the motorcycles of Qianjiang, then it is really interesting to note that the company is having the Benelli brand motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson 338cc bike

Harley-Davidson 338cc bike

In the four year pact between the motorcycles manufacturers, Qianjiang is one of the responsible company who is buying the parts according to the relevant specifications and also they will assemble their motorcycle in their Wenling factory. They are also responsible to get the Chinese certificate for the Harley Davidson bikes which were sold in the local market of China.

The new bike is also going to be sold in China which is one of the largest motorcycle markets in World and now they are also increasing their sales in the other Asian market which is also including India. So, this bike is going to be sale in Chine at the end of the year 2020.

Harley Davidson 338cc Bike for Indian Audience

• Harley-Davidson is having a partnership with Zhejiang Qianjiang
• Also, this bike is having a small capacity of the 338cc engine.
• This bike was launched in China first and then they will expand their sale in the other market of Asian countries.

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