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20+ Free Manga Sites to Read Manga Online [2019 Update]



Here if you are looking for the 10 free manga sites to read manga online in 2019 then you are at the perfect place because here in this article, most probably you will get all the useful information related to the alternatives to manga. If you want to read the manga then here we will tell you the top 10 free sites where you can simply access the manga.

Free Manga Sites to Read Manga Online

Free Manga Sites to Read Manga Online 

Free Manga Sites to Read Manga Online

So, keep yourself free and simply read the below-given article very carefully because this article will provide you lots of informative details which will be useful for you definitely.

What is Manga?

Basically, the manga is a Japanese comic which is having a unique storyline and also it is having in-depth plots and also the characters as well. The manga is having a huge collection of genres, action, adventures, detective, horror, romance, science, business, games, comedy, suspense, historical drama, sports, mystery, fantasy, fiction and much more. Basically, manga published in a serial form and its each of the series is having nearly 30 to 40 pages. It is completely different from the American comics where they mainly target the youngsters and also the manga is very famous among the people of all the ages and also the backgrounds in Japan as well.

Also, the manga is started in Japan and now it becomes so popular all over the world. The readers of the manga belong from many countries and there is no gender and age boundation to read the manga. There are multiples of the people who prefer to read manga online. So, due to this reason, here we are going to share the 10 free manga sites to read manga online in 2019where you are going to get the free manga sites so that you can simply able to read manga online.

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10 Free Manga Sites to Read Manga Online in 2019

  1. BookWalker – The Kindle Shop for Manga

BookWalker is one of the first choices of manga fans. Also, the Bookwalker is selling the Manga books and also it provides free manga books according to the choice of the readers. It was introduced by the Kadokawa, and it deals in services like publishers, Viz, Kodansha and also in the Yen. Generally, it is like the Kindle store shopping. Also, on the other side, you are able to download the BoolWalker app in your device as well.

  1. Shonen Jump – The Best Manga Magazine Ever

Shonen Jump is one of the world’s oldest and also the most popular weekly manga magazine which is available at the current time. It is having a new avatar which you must need to buy. Also, it is available in the digital version and you will get three chapters in a series. On every week, there is a new chapter of manga will release with the classic WSJ.

  1. ComicWalker: Free Manga, Legally

Kadokawa is one of the biggest and most famous manga publishers in Japan. The company has been launched its own official service who is reading the comics online for free as it is completely free.

The Kadokawa popular titles are available here and many more. You can simply use this app without making any signup and also registering add’s some cool and attractive features such as creating a library of favorite and much more.

  1. Crunchyroll: Netflix for Anime and Manga

As you know very well that the anime and manga are running together and there are some websites to watch anime legally for free. What does think about to get both of the mediums in the same package? According to us, Crunchyroll is really so amazing in this term.

Also, there are multiples of major anime series are available where you will get the manga titles as well. You will get this deal at $7/Month. Also, we will tell you that it is completely ad-free and also the manga chapters are available when they get published in Japan.

Basically, Crunchyroll is one of the most widely used and suggested “all-you-can-eat” services for lovers who love manga. Also, its collection is having some of the major titles and also the buffets of this kind where you will find some of the new comics for which you will definitely fall in love.

  1. ComiXology and ComiXology Unlimited

ComiXology is one of the best sources which helps you to read the comics on any of the platforms. Also, the ComiXology Unlimited subscription service provides you complete access so that you will get a huge collection of the comics free of cost which is like the Crunchyroll.

As it is a one-stop solution for people who need manga and in this case, ComiXology is one of the best options for them. Also, it provides you a model subscription and also it gives you an ability to buy any particular issues which are not in the subscription. Also, with the help of this, you can get completely assured that your subscription does not end without giving a period notice.

So, you can simply get the ComiXology Unlimited or also you can simply buy the issues particularly. Also, here you can simply check the complete list of the ComiXology Unlimited titles and also here you can simply see that it’s only for the $6 per month. Also, you need to remember one thing that you can only get access to the huge collection of the comics which was introduced by the big brands like by the DC, Marvel and much more.

How Do You Read Manga Online?

The websites which we shared above are the best websites where you are able to read the manga online today. Also, here you get to know very well that how can you consume your favorite manga books. The Manga is generally black and white in color. So, in this case, you don’t need to have or to use a color screen to get the most out of it. It will make the kindle an ideal device but you need to make sure that your device is having high storage because low storage may create problems.

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