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Fozzy Hosting Review 2019 – [Discount Coupon of July 2019]



There are multiples of companies are available in the market which is dealing in the hosting services and also they said that they are the best companies in terms of hosting. There are very fewer companies are available which is good or best. In the process to get to know the best web hosting company, we are sharing a detailed Fozzy Hosting Review 2019 of the Fozzy Hosting services.

Fozzy Hosting Review 2019

Fozzy Hosting Review 2019

Fozzy Hosting Review 2019

Fozzy Hosting services is basically a very big XBT holding group which deals in the web-hosting solutions for the people who are living in Europe, USA and also in Asia. Currently, their Headquarter is located in the United States, Netherlands, and Singapore and also in India as well. The capacity of XBT Holding exceeds more than 4TB and in this review, I will tell you the complete details related to the Fozzy Hosting Services.

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Fozzy Hosting Offer

Fozzy Hosting Offer

Features of Fozzy Hosting

Features of Fozzy Hosting

Features of Fozzy Hosting

Here you will get all the important features of the Fozzy Hosting services which we have checked and found useful for you for the hosting of your website. We think that it will be going to helpful for you if you are having any suggestion, the query then you can simply ask by dropping a comment in the comment section below.

  1. Multiple Datacentres

Fozzy Hosting provides is having the data centres at different-different locations which will help the users to reduce the load of their services. Also, by having the data centres on different-different places is really good than having the data capacity of the existing centres. With the help of multiple data centres, you are able to host the data at the centre which is located nearest to your targeted audience and also it will help you in the long term. Fozzy hosting is really one of the best services as compared to the other hosting service provides which is having the single centre of data.

  1. Free CDN

They are also deals in the free CDN services which will definitely reduce the loading speed of your webpage. As it is a combination of the free CDN and also the multiple data centres, their page loading speed time is less as compared to the other hosting services. CDN is a worldwide network of the proxy servers and also their main aim is to provide the high-end user-friendly content to their users. Also by using the CDN, the static content of your website is generated from your nearest data centre which will help you to reduce the loading speed of your webpage.

  1. Litespeed Web Servers Certified

They are affiliated with the Lightspeed web technologies and they are the number one commercial web server in the world and also they are the 4th popular web server available on the internet. They are nearly 500% faster as compared to the Apache 2.4 and also the 67% faster than the Nginx which will definitely helpful for you to reduce the loading time of the webpage and it will help you to get the best user experience for your website.

  1. User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface basically helps to solve the 70% of the issues and also it will improve the quality of work. With the help of the user-friendly interface provided by the Fozzy hosting services, you can simply upload the data files with the help of Cpanel which will help you to save 90% of your time. Also, it is having an easy and simple interface which will help you to work simply and also it will execute your work on time.

  1. Affordable Pricing

Affordable pricing is one of the best parts of the Fozzy hosting services. Their price is really less as compare to the services, support and also about the features which were provided by the other hosting services. Check Best Fozzy Offers.

  1. Spam Protection

Spam protection is one of the most important features which everyone wants from hosting is to protect them from the spamming and attackers. With the help of Fozzy Hosting services, you will get the complete protection from the spamming with the help of this hosting service which will help you to make your website and data safe from the attempts of hacking. Also, if any hacking takes place on your website then you will immediately get a notification about that so that you will perform a necessary action to make your website and data safe and secure.

Plans of Fozzy Hosting Services

Plans of Fozzy Hosting Services

Plans of Fozzy Hosting Services

There are 3 different plans provided by the Fozzy Hosting Services and they are completely appropriated for the personal use, business purpose and also you can use them for the web designing agencies as they can sell their website under the reseller plan. All of the plans along with their information are given below:

  1. Shared Hosting

It is having 2 packages of hosting which it was provided along with its shared hosting packages. One plan is only available for the single website where another is available for the 5 websites. Also, with the help of this hosting plan, you are able to get a .xyz domain extension. It is having 2 different types of payment mode which is monthly payment and other is the annual payment. You will get the 7 days money back hosting facility which comes under this shared hosting.

If you want to know more about the shared hosting plan then simply make a click here and simply have a look at the below-given image:

  1. VPS Hosting

It is having there different types of VPS hosting plan which was available or provided by the Fozzy Hosting services. The plans are Forex VPS, Linux VPS and also the Windows VPS as well. Their VPS plan starts from Rs.540 per month and also here you get the monthly or annual payment option. Also, you can simply pay on the yearly and it will cost you less. Also, you will get the 30 days money back guarantee with the VPS plan. They also provide you with the weekly backup services in the VPS plan. If you want to know more details then simply make a click on the below-given image and also you can make a click on the link given below as well. Here you will get two different types of hosting plan which is managed and other is unmanaged. You can simply make a click on the link and simply check the image given below to get more details about it.

Pricing of Managed Hosting Plan

  1. Reseller Plans

The third plan is known as the reseller plan which cost you Rs.873 per month and also it goes up to Rs.8571 per month. If you want to get more details related to the pricing then you can simply make a click on the link. Also, you can simply check out the image given below.

Pros & Cons of Fozzy Hosting Services

Pros of Fozzy Hosting Services

  • Pricing
  • Speed Optimization
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Spam Protection

Cons of Fozzy Hosting Services:

  • No money back policy

Final Verdict

Fozzy Hosting is really good and it will be worth. You just need to try this. Its prices are really genuine and best as compare to the features and advantages offered by the Fozzy. Also, you will get the fastest page loading speed which makes you different from the people. We love to listen to their hosting services from your end. So, please share your views and opinions in the comment section below.

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