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Difference Between Death Certificate and Death Index?



There is an official document issued by the government known as the Birth certificate indicating the date of birth of an individual. Similarly, the death certificate is an official document that is issued by the government to present the data as well as various other circumstances of the death of an individual. 

The event of death is a big toll on any family. This devastating process is made easy by providing the necessary information regarding the same in this article. 

While applying for a death certificate many important questions arise, the circumstances of death might not be normal in every condition therefore, there must be the enlightenment of basic information regarding this sensitive topic. 

Difference Between Death Certificate and Death Index?

Difference Between Death Certificate and Death Index?

Difference Between Death Certificate and Death Index?

Many people are confused between both and as a result, they consider both as synonyms. This notion, however, is completely wrong. The death certificate and death index are totally different things. 

A death certificate is an official document providing the basic details about the cause of death, time of death, date of death about an individual. It is a very specific document belonging only to a particular person. This is an officially issued document after proper verification by the funeral homes, government agencies and other such organizations which have this power within their other functions.

On the other hand, the death index is a database system that records all the data about the death of the people within a particular state or country. This database system is very helpful for maintaining the record of population and individuals within a country. It is also helpful to many organizations such as the police department, CBI, CID, etc. the death index is also popularized in the name of SSDI which is an abbreviation for the Social Security Death Index. The death index is usually available for public reach but it is not considered as an official authorized record always.

Is death certificate accessible via online mode?

To reduce the stress and workload it takes to physically go out and appeal for a death certificate, many people seek the second and more easily accessible option of the online process. The death certificate can be accessed by going to the official online portals of the state where the links and forms are available for death certificate retrieval. On the other, the details of death can also be retried from the death index databases. The online information is easily viewable however this information is not legally accepted without the authority verification which is available on the death certificate.

For various important reasons such as claiming various policies, medical benefits, legal records, etc the important thing that has to be submitted is the legal and officially issued death certificate. In this case, the fastest and most efficient method to receive a death certificate is via visiting the death home, or the official agency that provides this service. The certificate of death can be obtained within one day or a maximum of two by this direct method.

Officials required for the death certificate?

For the validity of a death certificate, there are two main parties required. 

  1. the medical officer who certifies the cause of death, the time of death and the identity of an individual.
  2. A funeral director, who is legally certified. The job of this person is to ensure proper handling of the body and all the related evidence. It is the responsibility of the funeral director to file for the death certificate and verify the details with the health department.

After careful examination and fulfillment of all the information successfully by both the parties, the death certificate is issued.

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