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Customer Experience and Customer Success: What’s the Difference?



Let’s give you an example, imagine you are traveling to your native with full of excitement for your holidays. The entire process from booking the mode of transport, baggage check-in, traveling, journey expenses and finally boarding the train/plane or cab is somewhat called the customer experience. When it comes to customer success, it is like reaching the destination, meeting your family, friends, after a long trip. Just like, it does not have much of a difference though but at the same time, it is not similar too. The difference between both customer experience and customer success could be confusing when you are reading it for the first time; otherwise, it’s easy to understand.

Customer Experience and Customer Success: What’s the Difference?

Customer Experience and Customer Success

Customer Experience and Customer Success

To assist you in understanding better, here we have put together some differences between customer experience and customer success.

The Difference Between Customer Experience and Customer Success

Customer experience can be anything, both good or bad, positive or negative, satisfying or non-satisfying, happy or unhappy, but customer success is when the consumer is finally pleased with your product and service. This is a big difference between both of them, just like the difference between a home-cooked meal and a restaurant cooked meal. Both are fun and tasty, but both have its own experience and it cannot be compared as well. 

  • Customer experience can be both from Business to business and business to customer, whereas consumer success can only be from company to business and there is no final customer involved here.
  • When it comes to customer experience, both employees and customers are focused on providing them with excellent product or service, but customer success focuses only on product value after using the product and service. 
  • Customer experience can be culture-based and might vary as per different cultures and beliefs, whereas consumer success is only about customer satisfaction involving the final customer.
  • Customer success is all about focusing on the accounts when dealing with business to business clients, but customer experience is about the product that delivers value, a good or a satisfying outcome among the customers.
  • Another difference is customer experience is all about product-focused or the services focused but customer success is simply about the relationship that has been maintained with the business client or the client company that we are dealing with. 
  • Retention can happen, or repurchase can occur when it comes to customer success but when it is about customer experience, it’s all about how the customer is feeling about the product or service delivered, or the emotions, if the customer is satisfied with the product or if it needs any replacement or exchange for betterment or even probably refunds are provided too. 
  • We don’t need any strategies when dealing with a business client or another company in customer success, but we do require marketing strategies when there is a final customer when it is customer experience involved in the selling process that will compete with the competitors.


Well, there is more such difference to customer experience and customer success and yes, the whole journey of customer experience to customer success is like a starting point to finishing point. There are differences but they might seem similar at some point in the process.

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