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Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun-Locker is One of the Best Under Bed Gun Safe



It is one of the great platforms of securely storing the weapons & guns. International safety standard can be creating this excellent is designed with 14-gauge steel material. High-quality materials of hardened steel lungs are used for lock system. The lock system comes with steel tethering cables and tamper.

The Hornady rapid safe is more convenient. It provides more security with the help of tamper-proof. This model front -end spring is loaded into the door and suitable for the bed.

Best Under Bed Gun Safe

Best Under Bed Gun Safe

Best Under Bed Gun Safe

It is coming with 1500-lb rated cables for additional protection. The programmable keypad and traditional key entry are available in the model are most excellent features unliked any other under bed gun safe.

Its working is fast and dependable for touch-free entry. For quick access it gives the simple keypad. Persons can easily do the program up to 4 to 6-digit security code for safety purpose.

Only considering the security factor, this model is well developed. It not only protects our loved once but also from the criminals or thefts. RFID locks are set for your gun which permits lighting for quickly operating the system at the critical situation.

Why use the RFID-enabled safe ?

RFID technique gives permission to use for fast operating the model. It provides the various tags which specially programmed for every gun safe.

RFID tags are recognizing with wristbands, key fobs&decals. The wristband is placed in the buckles for conveniently operating the model. The decals are made up of various plastics, glass and metal & wood.

After using the RFID technique, you are tension free because you don’t require remembering any key or PINNING code for accessing the model

This model is using the biometrics methods for quickly operating the system it reads from the 5 various tags for safety purpose

Storing more than one firearm?

If you want to require the interior rack is movable and easy to adjust. So, you keep the direction with AC switch & security cables that why the battery is simply operated. The Hornady rapid safe AR Gun-locker is approved by TSA.


  • Holds 2 AR-style rifles or tactical shotguns
  • Measures 42” wide*15.25” deep*6.75” high
  • Weight -50 pounds
  • 16-gauge steel construction
  • Keypad locks with RFID & key bypass
  • Felt padded interior
  • Includes a security cable
  • Lifetime manufacturer guaranty
  • Includes RFID Wristband, key fob, stickers
  • Spring-loaded door
  • Runs on AC power with battery backup


  • Runs on AC power
  • Soft foam gun rack
  • Slim profile
  • Allows for quick
  • easy to access
  • durable
  • steel tethering cable
  • battery or power cord options
  • TSA approved


  • Light gauge steel
  • Limited to handguns

Final Words

As per the whole study of Hornady rapid safe AR Gun-locker, there is no any doubt about its versatility & performance. It’s totally under bed developed with advance technology that permits for simply opening the safes without having any key or PIN code number. This model is approved by the TSA. So, you can blindly purchase this superior model of under bed safe gun.

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