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Top 9 Best Axe Enchantments In Minecraft



If you are a Minecraft player or if you recently started playing Minecraft then the first thing which you need to do is a punched tree and to make a crafting cable and also you need to have a wooden axe.

These things help to make the chopping of wood faster which is really important for the people who are hostile mobs who recently start playing it at the night.

Due to this, the temporary shelter required to survive long.

Best Axe Enchantments In Minecraft


Best Axe Enchantments In Minecraft

There are chances that you would like to use cobblestone for your first base and in this case, the pickaxe is really necessary for you.

The people who like to use the wood in their build, a stone axe is one of the best things for them in the staring of a game.

After this, you need to upgrade your weapon and tools so that you will get a diamond axe.

The Usage of Axe In Minecraft

Axe is one of the primary weapons which is majorly used for chopping wood and also for any of the wooden objects. Also, it is one of the only weapons which will make the striped legs or wood. At the time when you are playing it is a java version then the axe will make lots of damage as compared to a sword.

Also, it required the proper time for recharging before using it again. There are five types of axe in Minecraft like Wooden, Diamond, Gold, Stone and also the Iron as well.

Both the wooden and golden axes will attack the damage of Prob three and a half hearts.

Also, the axe was made up with the stone, iron and also the diamond which will give you four and half damage to the mobs and also the players as well.

When you progress in this game then the chances to use the diamond axe will get increased juts because of its longevity.

You also need to enhance your diamond axe so that you will make it better and sturdier. Below I am sharing some of the available enhancement which is required for the axe in Minecraft.

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  1. Curse of Vanishing


Curse of Vanishing

The curse of vanishing is one of the enchantments which you can use at the time when you want your items to get disappear after death. Also, the curse of vanishing is applicable to any of the item which you can equip.

Yes, you can also apply this enhancement on the pumpkin as well. If there is any type of reason that why you want to put this enhancement to your axe then it would be a PvP server where you don’t need any type of player which will get your item at the time when you are going to die in this game.

The curse of vanishing is one of the highest levels of enhancement.

  1. Bane of Arthropods


Bane of Arthropods

The bane of arthropods is of the best enhancement for your axe only if you want to use it for the arthropod mobs.

The mobs have been classified as arthropods such as spiders, cave spiders, silverfish and also the endermites as well.

If you are having a Spider EXP farm then an axe along with a Bane of Arthropods will be a handy weapon which you need to have.

The maximum level for this item is known as Bane of Arthropods V.

  1. Fortune



You can simply use this enhancement on a pickaxe because it will help you to double the number of item drops from mining. It will help you to get lots of diamonds, more iron, more lapis lazuli and also lots of other similar stuff so that you can simply get the mining trip.

At the time when you use the Fortune in an axe and it will help you to get lots of drop rate in apples and also the saplings when you use this on leaves.

The pumpkins and the melons are having more yield at the time when harvested by using the axe along with the Fortune enhancement.

  1. Smite



Smite is one of the most helpful enhancement if you love adventure in the Nether. You can use an axe against the Undead mobs like Zombies, Wither, Wither Skeleton, Zombie Villager, Skeleton and much more which gets affected by this enhancement.

The maximum level is Smite V but it is not compatible with the Bane of Arthropods and the Sharpness.

If you are using an axe enhancement with Smite V then the mobs are generally kindled in two or three strikes which get killed in just one hit.

  1. Silk Touch


Silk Touch

It is having blocks like campfire and bookshelf where the item gets dropped which are different in the mined item. This enhancement will help you to gather the fragile object like turtle eggs. The silk touches the highest level which is one level and also it is not compatible with the Fortune enhancement.

  1. Efficiency



Before you get the diamond axe access, chopping up wood on a large scale area is one of the tedious parts of this game. Also, this is a really easy part at the time when you enhance more player in the upcoming parts.

One of the best enhancement for the ace is Efficiency which helps you to increase the speed of weapon usage.

It is having the maximum efficiency V level which can be used on the pickaxes and shovels.

  1. Sharpness



Sharpness is one of the enchantments which can be used to apply on swords and axes. It will increase the melee damage and also it will cause more damage inflicted on mobs and also on other players as well.

In java edition, the Sharpness V can create some extra damage in the Bedrock edition and the damage can also get up to six.

You are not able to put the Sharpness in weapons with some of the Smite and Bane of Arthropods.

  1. Unbreaking



Basically, the Minecraft tools are only useful if the players use them. The longevity of the tools are really important and also if the item can be used to craft and it is really hard to find.

The unbreaking solves of this problem in item’s longevity increases the durability of an item.

Also, you can hold your axe and also use it for a long time until you don’t lose it.

This enhancement generally works by providing the durability of reduction. You can apply the maximum level of unbreaking III on anything which was used by the users is Minecraft.

Also, this enhancement helps you to extend the life of an item significantly. It doesn’t prevent the item from breaking when you can use all its durability.

  1. Mending



Mending is one of the enchantments which will repair the durability of an item along with the3 use of its Orbs experience.

Also, the unbreaking, Mending repairs of the items will bring back to its original form.

As you get the XP and won’t die at the time when you are wearing or carrying your gear then you can simply use the enhanced item for life long.

Each of the XP orbs will replenish the two durability points. Also, you will not get any of the experience at the time when the mending is in effect.

Also, if your gear is having complete durability then the XP will add into your XP bar.

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